Welcome to my blog here i will share with you my thoughts,feelings,information about ME/CFS and also Fibromyalgia hopefully will be of some help to you eventually can use this as a forum once it is established.Basically you will encounter the problems ive hit by having this illness,the hurdles i have overcome ,and my life adapted to living with this illness.I will post information about the illness helpful links and any questions you may feel will be useful.Thanks for taking time out to pop by please leave a message.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Pain pian and more PAIN

This week i have suffered with my joint pains terrible to the point where ive ended up in bed yet again!!The good news well i hope it is about 18months ago i was given a drug or should says perscribed sounds bit better ...lol to help with my CFS.Anyway after 3 months it was fantastic my quality of life from where i am had improved 65% not a cure but a bonus .Until for week i suffered pins and needles in my left thumb first then hand then the whole of my arm was effected .I went to Gp who stopped the drug finito,i rang papworth and told them she said leave it with me .Anyway cut long story short said shed speak to consultant and let him know .
well few weeks ago had my regular 6month check up and the consultant done some research and never heard of this happening with this drug .
So im pleased to say they are going to give me another try yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee,as want to see how i get on this time and will monitor me closely .Bet GP not too happy as he wasnt all that last time as it is very expensive one of these post code lotary drugs i feel as we had to get ok from PCT.You watch same thing will have to happen this time.
Well i have at the weekend managed some crafting for my Alzehimers fund raising so pleased about that i do find crafting very theraputic if only i can do little at a time it helps .
Anyway do hope you all have good painfree weekend
Take care gentle hugs

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  1. hey jude....wow just wanted to share with you that i too..have fibromyalgia! wow...! I take nothing for it..just grin and bear it..But i did go for almost a year with out grains..dairy and it did seem to help me. But i fell off the wagon so to speak....and started snitchin goodies....! lol So i feel for ya. I know what your speaking of!!