Welcome to my blog here i will share with you my thoughts,feelings,information about ME/CFS and also Fibromyalgia hopefully will be of some help to you eventually can use this as a forum once it is established.Basically you will encounter the problems ive hit by having this illness,the hurdles i have overcome ,and my life adapted to living with this illness.I will post information about the illness helpful links and any questions you may feel will be useful.Thanks for taking time out to pop by please leave a message.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

News Update...Been few Months...im still Here!

I am sorry ive not been around to update you but since September everything seems to have gone bellies up.I suffered with a pain around my eye for 5days on the 6th it got so bad a trip to the drs my hubby informed me.Well i went and saw regular gp who is fab!chatted explained what id experienced ,then she asked me to read the eye sight board well left eye sailed through.To my horror my rt eye i couldnt see a thing except a blurr.Well that was it all go from then on.How did i not realise ?well obviously my left eye was compensating for my rt eye.Asked if this has anyhting to do with my ME/CFS.Fibro or even side effect from medication i am on.Well i only no within 2 hrs from going to the drs i was sat in the emergency eye clinic.
Had various tests then and there ,and they told me then they were sending me for MRI AT THIS HOSP,and some Neuro tests but they would have to be done at the university hosp in Norwich.
I asked why they explained that one cause and my symptoms fit that is MS.Omg i sank and then i thought as you do on i wonder if in 2006 maybe i was miss diagnosed.but know was the answer this can be the first stage and the test they do look at the optic nerve in the eye.
Anyways it is now January and i still have no sight i went last week and they told me im going blind ....going feels like ive already gone!they now want me to under take a Flueroscide Angiograph...English ..die injected into hand series of xrays taken of the eye.Then i have to have another MRI scan but this time more indepth!then once had these have opd to go see them.My eye has no sight it is not reacting properly to most of the tests but WHY?they dont know have no clue.So i am battling on with this ontop of my ME/CFs and Fibromyaligia im getting there staying strong and not trying to think well what if?
Try not to think of it i hadnt noticed my sight loss before i went to doctors and some times forget now as my left eye is doing all the work except im told it is feeling the strain.It's the headaches and eye pain that drags you down daily .I should be used to headaches by now suffering fromCFS/ME.Well my joints aare my joints go to physio at the moment once aweek as my knee is not good since my last fall,and yep been told cant have knee op even though i have a knee of a 70 yr old!!!!(nice guy) Why ?because the knee will die before i do ......they must be psychic...lol..in ohter words im too young and they will only do one knee replacement .My argument surely i want my quality of life now not later on in life!
So the bqatlle goes on and i wish all my readers and followers some new some old a very Happy ,HEALTHY ,New Year!May long it continue.This year as i do make cards and crafts to raise money for Alzheimers by the way thanks for all donations greatly received but im now doing it for ME/CFS and Fibro!...Keep me out of mischeif when im able anyway.Well ive gotta go as had to cut my time on the old computer due to my eye.
Take care Love n hugs
Take one day at atime and cross each bridge when you come to it!


  1. Oh my, and I thought I've been through the wringer with my fibro lately! I'm so sorry to hear about all this and I will keep you in my prayers. If you ever want to talk just shoot me an email anytime!
    XO ~ Amy Jo amyjrockstar at gmail dot com
    Love, Light, and Health!

  2. Keep strong, keep smiling and have faith!!

    Sending hugs to you


    Ps....Thank you for visiting me and joining in on the pay it forwrd............can you please email me your home addy and i will pop a little something in the post


  3. Sorry to hear about the Fibro ME/CFS! I hope they will find out what is going on with your eye soon. We can handle most anything if we know what we are dealing with. I was diagnosed about 5 months ago and each month I go to the doctors I learn something new is wrong! It is devastating to find out you have been misdiagnosed for years. I have been having a lot of headaches the past month and had an MRI yesterday. Won't know for about a week what it is all about. Sad thing about this was I am an RN in trauma and critical care and I always thought that CFS and Fibro were a dump diagnosis. If they didn't know they just dumped you there. I guess the powers that be decided to show me it is a real deal.
    Lots of hugs. I feel for you can empathize with you!

  4. Hi Jude, just found my way over here from your other blog, where I read your update on your eye problem. I have to say my first thought was M.S. The blindness from optic neuritis with that condition is not usually permanent, and it's a very common early symptom. M.E. can be a lot more disabling than M.S. - I have a friend with M.S. for more than 20 years and you'd never know there was anything wrong with her if you didn't know her (she had a lot of trouble with ON in the early days) and here's me with M.E., a wheelchair user!! Actually, if you have M.S. you get a lot more validation and respect from the professionals than if you have a dx of M.E. As Okienurse says, it can be used as a dustbin diagnosis - my GP wasn't happy about my neuro's dx of M.E. for this reason, but I've convinced her that it's real now! I gave her some stuff to read, and my reasons for refusing the "treatments" on offer.

  5. Hello!

    You are in my prayers. Wishing you only good things to happen!


    Barbara Diane

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